How it Works

Get the job done right.


Hire The Right Freelancers For YOUR Job

The hardest part of any project is finding the right people for your project. Often times, hiring on a full time employee can place undue strain on your budgets, as well as cost you thousands of extra dollars each year in extra expenses. Find experts with the skill sets you need, and allow them to bid for your project!

Manage Jobs From Anywhere.

In a growing global market, mobility is the key to keeping your business ahead and manageable from anywhere! SearchMarket™ makes it easy to check your jobs, bids, and work status from anywhere in the world. Also, manage your payouts and post new work orders on the go, increasing your productivity from anywhere you want to be!

Pay Only For A Job Well Done

Job quality and satisfaction is a keystone in any business. Losing money on a project that has not gone well can put your business behind, and generate unwarranted expenses. Not satisfied with the work performed? Job not completed the way you envisioned? Why pay for a product or service you are unhappy with? With SearchMarket™, we give you options to help row and keep unwanted expenses to a minimum.


Do Work, Get Paid.

Earning money for your skills is what it is all about. Utilizing those skills to generate a steady income stream is a different story. Sometimes even being the best in your field is not enough to snag a job in an over-saturated field. Why not let the job bids come to you? SearchMarket™ brings real work, utilizing your talents. Earn for what you are good at!

Manage Your Work From Anywhere.

Being mobile in today's marketplace is a huge benefit to anyone's workload. With SearchMarket™, you can access your bids, work orders, and freelancer dashboard from anywhere in the world using your mobile device! Easy job management translates to easier money!

Get Paid Quickly & Securely.

The end result of your hard work is payment. SearchMarket™ ensures timely and secure payments to your accounts, even when you are on the move! Manage your completed jobs and monitor your payouts quickly & securely through any mobile device or computer! Enhance and grow your business, while maintaining your competitive edge!