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SearchMarket™ , Your Way to Work!

Simple, Safe & Secure.

SearchMarket™ was founded with the best interests of both workers and employers, aimed at keeping business costs down, worker's earnings up, and providing a mobility and portability unmatched in the industry. Keeping all sides of the business equation happy is what we do for a living.

Why SearchMarket™?

With a growing number of websites out there that offer cheap services, and social gimmicks to drive sales, SearchMarket™ strives to connect only the most talented workers to businesses in need. At the core of our business model is you, and how we can better serve you through smart business integrations, and flexibility built around your business.

How do we benefit?

The business relationship is always built around how a business can benefit and generate profit. Our model is simple, we charge a flat rate of 2% on all work performed. This fee is taken out at the end of work performed, and before payment is disbursed to the worker. This structure ensures we can keep our services strong and profitable for you. 

What is our goal?

Our goal is to keep services moving through the site, and keeping a steady stream of requests being generated for both businesses and workers. By ensuring up-time and minimal disruptions, we aim to make the services sector more capable and mobile for global business strategies. 

Our Timeline

Our Story told in a few lines.

We work hard to build a great product that is beautifully designed, simple to use, user friendly with great focus on user experience and customer service.

Our Team

Meet the professionals that make this ALL possible!

Nicholas Szankovics
Nicholas Szankovics

The founder of SearchMarket™, Nick ensures the website is populated with fresh content, and any errors/bugs are fixed to provide the best product for our clients. Anytime an update is performed, Nick works to ensure that it meets the best of industry standards.

Project Coordinator
Jason Bowman
Jason Bowman

Jason is a great addition to the team, ensuring project guidelines and protocols are enacting and enforced on SearchMarket™. Jason has many years of project management experience with several successful endeavors. Because of this, he is able to help guide our mission in the right direction.